Unilumin was awarded as ‘40 Brand Contributors’ and ‘International Reowned Brand’ on the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

On August 28, the opening ceremony of the 4th ‘Shenzhen International Brand Week’ and the 10th ‘International High-end Forum on Brand Building’ were held in the studio hall of Shenzhen Radio and Television Group. At the opening ceremony, 40 people were commended because of their outstanding contributions to the brand building of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone since its establishment for 40 years, and won honorary titles.


‘Shenzhen International Brand Week’ was opening (picture from the official website of Federation of Shenzhen Industry)


Mingfeng Lin, chairman of Unilumin Group and founder of ‘Unilumin’ brand; Shizhen Wang, the first president of China Merchants Bank; Zhengfei Ren, founder of ‘Huawei’ brand; Huateng Ma, founder of ‘Tencent’ brand; Chuanfu Wang, founder of ‘BYD’ brand; and Tao Wang, ‘DJI’ brand founder, and other brand founders won the honorary title of ‘40 Brand Contributors ’.



This time, Mr. Lin Mingfeng was awarded the honorary title of ‘40 Brand Contributors’ and Unilumin was selected as an ‘International Reowned Brand’, which fully affirmed Mr. Lin’s active construction for Shenzhen and the high value of Unilumin brand.


Group photo of ‘International Reowned Brand’ award winners (picture from official website of Federation of Shenzhen Industry)

Since its establishment in 2004, Mr. Lin and Unilumin have been working hard in Shenzhen. Relying on the innovation of scientific research and business model, it has not only being listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in 2011, but also has gradually been granted a variety of honors, including the First Prize Of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, MIIT Manufacturing Individual Product Champion, MIIT Green Factory, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise. Moreover, Unilumin has contributed to the high-quality development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.


​Certificate of the First Prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award 

In the future, under the leadership of Mr. Lin Mingfeng, Unilumin will continue to improve professional level of technology and achieve product innovation, strive to provide global consumers with high-performance products and services, and continue to play important role in leading the development of the industry and promoting society.