Unilumin’s UTV can do it all

No matter what someone says, we don’t believe in the quality or performance of something till the time we see it working ourselves or until someone who has used the product themselves vouches for it.

Unilumin’s UTV, one of Unilumin’s narrow pixel pitch, ultra-high definition product has received thousands of testimonials from its users and we are here to tell you a few of its success stories.

As we have mentioned time over time again that Unilumin’s products are versatile and can be used for multiple applications. Unilumin’s UTV is no exception to this feature.

Being a Narrow Pixel Pitch, UTV is ideal for TV Studios.

Watch as 32.14 square meter glamour’s-up the Belgium TV Studio.

Nine Network got two screens of UTV 3mm for their London Olympic Broadcast Studio and Today Show Studio.

London Olympic broadcast studio, 21.2sqm

Today Show studio, 19.58sqm

And these are just a few cases. UTV has been used in TV studios in UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico and many other countries.

UTV2.5mm, 71.42sqm, BBC Studio of the United Kingdom

UTV1.6mm, 23.04sqm, CHANEL promotion, Sweden

Control rooms, one place that demands attention to detail and a very good narrow pixel pitch UHD display. UTV has proven up-to the task in this area as well.

UTV2.5mm, 74sqm, Datong railway monitor and command center

Conference rooms, be it of a big conglomerate or a medium size firm are often neglected. These are the dark dingy rooms where employees and clients come together to see boring presentations. Well, not anymore, UTV’s high brightness level and zero reflection displays ensure that you can keep your conference properly lit even when running a presentation.

UTV 2.5mm, 24 square meters was installed in Hi-tech Park, Shenzhen.

A government administration office in Wuhan moved from the traditional projector and LCD displays and embraced Unilumin’s UTV and couldn’t be happier.

UTV2.5, 45sqm, conference center for Wuhan government offices administrations

There were many other conference rooms in many different cities that were adorned with Unilumin’s UTV.

UTV2.5mm, 38.169sqm, conference room of Yunnan Branch of China Telecom

Last but not the least, advertising and exhibition projects. As we have said over and over again, Unilumin can handle it all and here is the proof.

UTV 2.5mm, 11.52 square meters, French Aerospace Technology Exhibition

UTV 2.5mm, 6 square meters, FENDT Exhibition Hall

UTV 2.5mm, 3.84 square meters, Raleigh Shopping Mall

Be it a big prestigious exhibition or a small conference or a high security control room, Unilumin’s UTV does not discriminate. If we presented some 20 cases here, there are another thousand that are waiting to be vetted. So call Unilumin now at +86-(0)755-29918999 and let our sales engineer tell you what all this wonder product can do. You can also drop a line at salesunilumin.com and we will get back to you.