Unilumin Will Launch World's Largest UHD Glass-free 3D LED TV

Recently news from Unilumin,the company will launch global largest UHD glass-free 3D LED TV. Depends on LED self-luminous technology, the new glass-free 3D large screen can display very sharp and clear 3D images with higher color contrast. The audiences can freely enjoy the 3D scene without wearing any 3D glasses. It is also the original product of Unilumin in global small pitch LED TV field.

It is understood that Unilumin (Stock code 300232) global largest glass-free 3D TV is the hi-tech product combined glass-free stereoscopic imaging technology and LED high density display technology. It integrates optics, electronics, mechanics, picture treatment, video codec,massive data processing,high-speed data transmission and stereoscopic imaging technology etc. We can see very clear and delicate 3D images from the screen without any auxiliary tool.

Compared with traditional projection,LCD and DLP display, large 3D LED TV has features of self-luminous of the pixel, ultra high contrast, ultra light and thin, natural and comfortable field of vision and wider visible angle. The large 3D TV has precise control for LED back lighting, moreover it has excellent color and chroma which is also its  unparalleled advantage, compared with other kinds of display. Therefore, the support has grown for large 3D LED TV to replace projection, LCD and DLP display. At the same time, it's being concerned by insiders, especial those who are devoting to sophisticated technologies.

According to the introduction of Mr. Wu Meng, Unilumin LED display marketing director, Unilumin small pitch LED TV is the most energy-saving LED TV product with highest resolution images in the world. It is the frontier and leading technology in China and global LED application field. Small pitch glass-free 3D LED TV is a high-end intelligent TV products. It has all advantages of HD LED display.  Adopt intelligent design and production, the display modules has features of fast and convenient maintenance, flexible size screen splicing with seamless appearance and over ten thousand nits brightness etc.

The Unilumin technical team spends over 3 years researching and developing this LED display products. Till now, this new product has applied for many patents and been recognized by market. At present, the new series product has been put into production with small quantities including 110 inches, 124 inches, 144 inches HD and standard definition glass-free 3D LED TV. In special field, as request, Unilumin can also customize larger LED TV with sizes of 216 inches, 288 inches, 300 inches and even greater high specification products.

Small pitch glass-free 3D LED TV can be widely used in shopping mall, supper market, science and technology museum, planning Institute, playing field, airport, high-speed railway station, coach station, hotel, restaurant, service hall, tourist areas and advertising field. It has great market prospect. And now, it has been one of the important profit points of Unilumin.

As the pioneer in China cutting-edge LED application field and the leader of global small pitch LED TV field, Unilumin has early achieved technological breakthrough on low brightness with high gray scale and high refresh rate and launched UTV series HD small pitch LED display products. In 2012, Unilumin UTV LE display successfully settled down at the broadcast hall of London Olympic and Swedish Television Station which smoothly expanded Unilumin's market share in radio and television field. At home, Unilumin UTV series LED displays have also played perfect and major role in many classical cases including indoor LED display projects for Hubei Urban and Rural Construction Committee Center and 110 Command Center of Puyang Public Security Bureau in Henan province.