Commercial Display Application Review 2019


Enjoy Casino project, Chile

The Enjoy Casino project is the first Casino project in Chile and set a benchmark for other casino projects in Chile. Unilumin provided three LED display for the project, including Kslim3.9, UHF2.5 and Kslim2.9. The total usable area of these three kinds of LED display is 90 square meters.


Superama supermarket, Mexico

At Superama supermarket in Mexico, it could see there are many LED screens advertising supermarket products. Such "billboards" are very attractive to customers, making it easier for customers to know the location and some information of products. These "billboards" belong to the Unilumin’s Uslim series and cover a total area of 100 square meters.


Ripley S. A., Peru

Ripley S. A. is a department storefinancial services, and shopping malls management company.  72 square meters of UsurfaceIII were used by Ripley S. A. in the promotion of Peru’s store. UsurfaceIII SMD media screen brightness can reach 10000 nits, adapt to the strong sunlight. In addition, it has an ultra-wide perspective, which can radiate a wider audience and greatly improve the advertising value per unit area.


Mall Plaza Project,Chile

In order to through the Mall plaza project and get a good advertising effect, the outdoor advertising company chose to advertise at local malls. The project leader used 248 square meters of LED display, including Uslim3.9 and Uslim04.