Unilumin Sports Officially Designated as the LED Display Strategic Partner of Premier League Manchester City Football Club

On the afternoon of April 6, Unilumin Sports & Premier League Manchester City Football Club Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony and 2021 International Smart  Stadium Forum were unfolded in Shenzhen. This ceremony marked the official designation of Unilumin Sports as the LED display strategic partner of Manchester City Football Club. Scott Moon, Chief Executive at CFG China, and LIN Mingfeng, chairman of Unilumin, attended the ceremony and signed the cooperation agreement as a representative to the respective party.



▲Signing Ceremony



As pointed out by Chairman LIN in his speech, Unilumin is a leader and a 17-year-old veteran in the LED industry and has developed full-scenario LED sports product lines and industry-leading one-stop audio-visual solutions. This strategic partnership with Manchester City Football Club represents an important step in Unilumin’s commitment to the sports industry. In the upcoming years, Unilumin will work with Manchester City Football Club as well as experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs present to explore the application of 5G transmission, LED display, and lighting technology in the sports industry. These efforts are made to deliver a better game-watching experience and a more comfortable game-watching environment, and contribute to the high-quality development of the global sports industry. He further revealed that the LED display products of Unilumin Sports would make their grand appearance in the home court of Manchester City Foot Club—Etihad Stadium at the UEFA Champions League to be held on the same day.



▲Chairman LIN Mingfeng Delivering a Speech



Mr. Scott Moon introduced the City Football Group and Manchester City Football Club, and the cooperation model with Unilumin Sports in his speech. He revealed that Manchester City Football Club is committed to presenting a more excellent matchday experience for about 400 million football fans and TV audiences across the world, and creating greater value for global commercial partners through increased investments in the infrastructure of Etihad Stadium, game contents and data. Under this partnership with Unilumin Sports, Manchester City Football Club will give full play to the technological strengths of Unilumin in LED display, and work together to develop more intelligent LED display control systems, explore more advanced new models for the sports industry and new opportunities.



▲Mr. Scott Moon Giving a Speech



2021 International Smart Stadium Forum was kicked off immediately after the signing ceremony. The Forum was attended by renowned industry experts and corporate giants like Scott Moon, CEO of China at City Football Group, Benjamin Wahl, president of Greater China at Borussia Dortmund Football Club, and many other representatives from top companies in the field of sports research and event management.   



▲2021 International Smart  Stadium Forum



The guests pointed out problems that 5G transmission, LED display, and other new technologies are not adequately used in sports event operation and event services, the construction of stadiums is not always consistent with the public demand, and the stadium vacancy rate is too high. Meanwhile, in-depth exchanges were conducted on topics such as how to apply new technologies in sports events to improve fans’ game-watching experience, how to combine smart stadiums with audio-visual experience in the 5G era, and how to establish construction standards for smart stadiums. These exchanges provided new ideas for the development of the sports industry in the post-pandemic era. 



▲2021 International  Sports Stadium Forum



LIU Yang, general manager of Unilumin Sports, introduced to the guests the ongoing explorations and practices of Unilumin Sports in smart stadium construction, E-sports, XR virtual production technology, and virtual inter-cut technology in combination of smart stadiums. He undertook that Unilumin Sports would create greater value for its partners as always and add luster to better sports experience through quality LED application products, advanced centralized control systems, and one-stop audio-visual solutions.



▲Mr. LIU Yang Giving a Speech



Mr. Scott Moon said in a subsequent interview that the City Football Group has made continuous investments in China’s sports and education, and worked hard to promote exchanges and learning between Chinese and foreign players and coaches to help improve the level of Chinese football. Next, the City Football Group will forge wider and deeper cooperation with Unilumin Sports to boost the better development of the Chinese football industry.


▲A Photo of Guests


Over the years, Unilumin Sports has served as the official partner of FIBA and the official supplier of the display system for Chengdu Universiade. With wide-ranging LED sports product lines, and one-stop solutions incorporating LED display, lighting and display control and audio-video control solutions, Unilumin Sports can provide customers with one-stop customized services like lighting for indoor and outdoor stadiums, natatoriums, stadium control centers and surrounding areas.


▲ Unilumin's Supersized LED



This strategic partnership between Unilumin Sports and Manchester City Football Club has laid a foundation for deeper and wider cooperation. In the future, Unilumin Sports will continue to work in the sports industry, enhance the quality of events and stadiums with more excellent one-stop audio-visual solutions and contribute to the high-quality development of the sports industry.