Unilumin Empowers Huawei Abu Dhabi Innovation Center

There's a smart city scenario in Huawei Abu Dhabi Innovation Center, which is supported by Unilumin’s Pro-LED video wall. With this tailored large video wall, everyone here could experience how smart city uses insights gained from the data, which is collected by different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently, optimizing the efficiency of city operations and services.


To make sure that the opening ceremony of Huawei Abu Dhabi Innovation Center can be held on time, Unilumin staff worked day and night to push the project to go on smoothly.


Hard work paid off, and we lit up the screen before the opening ceremony and got high acclaim from customers that praised Unilumin team for their quick service response and high responsibility.


This video wall was specially customized for a smart city scenario where its image quality and user-friendly features can meet the high-definition and intelligent requirements. ABS technology enables adjacent power boxes to share current flow, ensuring mission-critical reliability that would keep the smart city content streams flowing continuously in case of power failure.


Thanks to the installation of Unilumin Pro-LED screen, local people could directly experience 5G technology and the promotion of Huawei 5G technology and products could be enhanced in the Middle East market. Besides, it’s also the first step of Unilumin cooperating with Huawei in the Middle East.