Unilumin LED screens shine at Shanghai International Film Festival

Shanghai International Film Festival "China Movie & TV Night" was successfully held recently at West Bund Media Port in Shanghai, China. The large Unilumin LED screens totaling 342.6 square meters were showcased at the Port.



China Movie & TV Night


For the interior of West Bund Media Port, Unilumin provides P2.5 fine pitch LED screens characterized by high resolution, wide color gamut and high saturation, efficient signal transmission with stable operating system, which works as an excellent visual medium for various events in the Shanghai International Film Festival and West Bund Media Port.


With Unilumin LED screens, the Festival organizer can play pictures and videos in high-definition and the audience can better enjoy the charm of the film festival and Shanghai, the international metropolis.



Inside the West Bund Media Port


Two Unilumin large LED screens, one with an area of 180 square meters and the other 113 square meters, light up outside of the West Bund Media Port. When the lights flicker on, the brilliant colors and high-definition pictures on the screens make West Bund Media Port, a landmark in the city, even more beautiful.



Outside the West Bund Media Port


For the smooth holding of the Shanghai International Film Festival, Unilumin has fully taken into account the needs of customers. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of the technical team and the construction team day and night, the construction period was greatly shortened while fulfilling the requirements on quality and quantity. The professionalism of Unilumin team and the excellent performance of its large screens at the Shanghai International Film Festival were highly praised by all parties.


This, however, is not the first appearance of Unilumin’s large screens in the West Bund Media Port. As early as in November 2019 and January 2020, Unilumin has empowered two wonderful light shows in the media port with LED screens creating a strong visual impact, which were reported by many mainstream media such as News Network and CCTV News, and were widely praised by all walks of life. 


In the future, Unilumin will adhere to the mission of "Together, for a brighter life", reshape the light culture with technology and design, and strive to build a better world in light and shadow.