Unilumin delivers LED solutions to world's largest airport

September 25 is a memorable date in the history of PRC’s civil aviation. On the advent of PRC’s 70th birthday, a grand ceremony is held to celebrate the official opening of Daxing International Airport, the largest on earth that tops “the World’s Seven New Wonders”.


The golden terminals under the blue sky at Daxing Airport, resembling glittering medals and phoenix ready to fly, embody China’s dreams and glories. After Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Project, Unilumin has once more participated in the mega project known as one of “the Seven New Wonders of the World”. It supplies Uslim and Ufix series LED displays, 542 square meters in total for the Airport, to facilitate the Airport to present to the world a vibrant image.

It only took four years and a half to build the Airport, the largest in the world, from commencement in September 2015 to the final industrial acceptance and final approval of license on August 30, 2019. In the future, Daxing Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport will become the “dual hubs” in northern China and have a profound influence on the high-quality economic development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region of China.


As a world-class LED solution provider, Unilumin has participated in the daily operation of the Airport with Uslim SeriesUnilumin’s high-end commercial LED displays with outstanding performance in waterproofing, wind resistance, etc., that are applicable to a wide range of outdoor scenarios. Desirable features, like ultra slim body, flexible installation ways, easy front and rear maintenance, silent operation, can offer and guarantee the efficient and stable operation of the Airport. Besides, the attractive high-definition displays infuse dynamic and vitalities into the smart technology-equipped Airport.


Apart from Daxing Airport, Uslim series products have also been applied to a good many large international transport hubs, such as Dalian International Airport, Norway Airport, Vietnam Da Nang International Airport.


Unilumin has always been devoted itself to providing fine LED solutions and delivering valuable services to their global partners and customers. As Unilumin believes, with their endeavor in making innovations and delivering premium visual experience to the world, the company will unlock more opportunities with their partners and ultimately create a brighter future for mankind.