The Story of Energy Saving Super Brightness SMD 10,000 nits


Unilumin has been behind many world firsts when it comes to LED display technologies, including the world’s first 3D LED TV, Super narrow pixel pitch 0.8mm, LED touch screen. This year, the company unveiled another industry-first innovation UsurfaceⅢ super bright SMD 10,000 nits, energy saving LED outdoor display.

To learn more about the company’s latest breakthrough achievements, we sat down with some members of the team behind it, including product planner Thomas Liu and developer Jim Tang

Taking Outdoor Advertising to Another Level

Is your adverting screen gloomy during the day so nobody could see bright during the night, but nobody is here to look at it?

“We are here to solve this problem” engineer Thomas Liu said, “The traditional way is to use DIP display. But SMD with high brightness is the ideal way to achieve better visual effect and efficient advertising” 

SMD lamp has many advantages over DIP. Firstly, it presents better visual effect thanks to its high contrast ratio of 16500: 1. Also SMD lamp has better color uniformity. 

Secondly, SMD has bigger viewing angle almost two times as DIP. No doubt, LED screen with SMD chips creates better visual effect and great range of visibility and improves efficiency of advertising.

Dealing with Challenges

The technology of super bright SMD 10000 nits was of course a big hit, but another critical problem was how to dissipate heat produced by 10,000 nits brightness. “We designed hollowed-out modules and special cabinet that helps heat dissipation. Also energy saving method is used on each part of display.” Jim Tang said. As a result, UsurfaceⅢ not only realized efficient heat dissipation, but also reduced the power consumption by 22%.


With super bright and energy saving UsurfaceⅢ, you will see your advertising like never before. It creates more value for advertising industry with better visual effect and saving energy cost.

Future plan

Research and development is the focus of unilumin from the beginning. It is the corner stone of Unilumin`s fast development and being one of the leader in LED display industry just in 13 years. 

LED display industry develops together with the time. It is not just a display to see from a distance any more. “Nowadays, using LED display we are trying to maximize interaction between LED display and its audience to achieve entertainment, advertising effect. Also, LED display is playing a big role in urban planning, smart city building.” Unilumin never stops its research. In the future, we hope to extend our research to AR industry.” 

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