The largest Mini LED production base in the world——Unilumin Mini-LED industrial base

In recent years, Mini LED display has ushered in an outburst moment. At this stage, Unilumin has successively launched a series of Mini LED display products that lead the industry's technological trend based on Unilumin's long-term research and development of Mini LED, rich technical research foundation and R&D capabilities.

History of Unilumin’s R&D of Mini LED

In 2017, Unilumin released the first generation of Mini LED display products that can be mass-produced. By adopting positively-installed LED chips and common anode drive, it successfully broke through the Mini LED technical threshold.

In 2018, Unilumin's second-generation mass-produced Mini LED display product was born. It is the first to use flip-chip LED chips in the industry, and its dot pitch has realized pixel pitch smaller than 0.9. Once released, it was awarded as the best exhibit at the 2019 Netherlands Audiovisual and System Integration Exhibition (ISE).

In the following year, Unilumin launched a third-generation Mini LED display product that can be mass-produced. The third-generation Mini LED display products adopt flip-chip LED chips and common cathode drive technology, the dot pitch includes P0.5, P0.7, and P0.9. Its performance is fully ahead of the products on the market.

In 2020, Unilumin announced and launched the fourth-generation mass-produced Mini LED display product—UMini. UMini uses RGB full flip-chip LED chips, mass transfer manufacturing technology, common cathode drive technology, and 5G transmission technology, which can effectively solve the pain points of Mini LED's stability, reliability and high-density ultra-high-definition display. The birth of UMini opens a new era of Mini LED display!

The Largest-scale of Mini LED Display Industrial Base in the world

As a leading enterprise of LED industry, Unilumin has two LED intelligent manufacturing bases in Pingshan and Daya Bay apart from Fuyong Headquarters. Among them, Unilumin’s Daya Bay Base has a total construction area of 400 thousand square meters which is the largest LED display screen intelligent manufacturing base in the world with advanced automatic production lines, automatic logistical lines and intelligent warehousing system.

Currently, with an investment of over 100 million in total, Unilumin has more than 200 Mini LED display intelligent manufacturing equipments, and an intelligent production line. Unilumin is in the leading position in the industry regardless Experience, technology and production capability. Through continuous R&D and investment, Unilumin became the world's largest Mini LED display industry base, and successfully achieved mass production of a full range of Mini LED displays with P0.5, P0.7, P0.9, and P1.2 pitches.


▲Automatic Workshop of Unilumin Mini LED Display


▲ Automatic Workshop of Unilumin Mini LED Display


▲Automatic Workshop of Unilumin Mini LED Display


Intelligent & Stereoscopic Warehouse of Unilumin Mini LED Display

Unilumin plans to invest a total of nearly 1 billion yuan in intelligent manufacturing and upgrading of the Daya Bay Industrial Base. In addition, 8 Mini LED display intelligent production lines will also be added at the Fuyong headquarters and Daya Bay base. Unilumin is using continuous capital and manpower investment to comprehensively improve manufacturing capabilities, actively deploy smart manufacturing superior production capacity, and consolidate the industry's leading position in overall production costs and production management levels.

Leading R&D Investment

While making intelligent manufacturing upgrading, Unilumin has always adhered to Mini LED display technology innovation and promoting continuous optimization and iteration of products and technologies. For so many years, Unilumin’s investment of R&D staffs and expenses is always accounted for the largest in the industry.


In 2018, Unilumin’s R&D expense of Mini LED display was124 million Yuan. In, 2019, the expense reached 0.164 billion Yuan with an increase of 32.59%. In terms of R&D personnel investment, the number of Mini LED display R&D personnel in 2019 is 367, which with a year-on-year growth of 34%. Unilumin Central Laboratory has been successfully recognized by CNAS (code: L6507) and become a witness laboratory of SGS, TUV Rheinland and UL-WTDP. Its R&D and detecting capacity are taking the lead in the industry.


▲Unilumin Central Laboratory


▲Unilumin Central Laboratory

The continuous high investment of R&D personnel and R&D expenses has provided a strong power for Unilumin’s innovation of Mini LED display technology, products and guaranteed the absolute advantage of Unilumin’s full range of Mini LED display products.

Technology-leading Products

The new UMini series launched by Unilumin recently is the fourth generation of Mini LED display products which independently developed by Unilumin. Many of its technical indicators rank first in the industry, and its product performance ranks among the top in the industry. Currently, Unilumin's new generation of UMini series products have all achieved mass production.


▲Unilumin’s New Generation of UMini

Technical Highlights

RGB full-inverted chips. Without wire bonding, the thickness of the package layer is reduced, making smaller dot pitch is possible; the power consumption of the same brightness is reduced by 50%, resulting in overall screen temperature decease, the duty cycle of the substrate is increased, the black field is darker, and the contrast is greatly improved.

Mass transfer technology. Through continuous R&D and improvement of Mini/Micro LED mass transfer technology, Unilumin's fourth-generation UMini can transfer 80,000 to 100,000 chips at a time. In addition, continuous breakthroughs have been made in yield and spacing.

Common cathode driving technology. By adopting the industry-leading common cathode driving architecture (The anodes of the three chips sealed in LED are independent of each other, supplying power for red and bluish green LED respectively.). The energy-saving efficiency is increased by 20-30% compared with the common anode drive, and it is widely used in Unilumin Mini/Micro LED display products.

In addition, by adopting the dynamic energy-saving technology and 5G transmission technology, Unilumin’s new generation of UMini has remarkably enhanced the energy-saving efficiency and made the screen connection more convenient. By adopting the segmented multi-point correction technology, the screen can exhibit excellent consistency at different brightness and has excellent performances such as 20000:1 ultrahigh contrast ratio, 180° ultra-wide field, 2000 nit ultrahigh luminance, 130% NTS wide color gamut, HDR display, height difference between the joint and the screen (0.04 mm). Therefore, it can be widely applied Widely applicable to various 4K and 8K displays.


▲Unilumin’s third generation of UMini products entered Great Hall of the People and Media News Center, creating a pleasant 5G+4K/8K video interactive experience for NPC and CPPCC 2020.  (The pictures are from www.news.cn .)

In the future, Unilumin will always adhere to scientific research and innovation, maintain R&D and exploration the cutting-edge technology of the industry. By committing to provide superior display services to global customers with more advanced technology, better products, and more complete solutions to help the high-quality development of Whole LED display industry.