Infinite possibilities in the field of the cultural and creative industry with Unilumin’s transparent screen!!


Currently, transparent screens can be divided into three typical forms:

The first is the common hard light bar screen with a transparency rate of about 70-80%. This type of transparent screen is the mainstream product in the current market, such as the illusion series of Unilumin. Products, technologies, and supply chains have been developed into maturity. The display manufacturer’s performance in a strict selection of the supply chain and control on the manufacturing cost need to be assessed, while designers and users pay more attention to the advantages of simplicity, meeting the needs of the people, and high-cost performance.


For example, in the field of digital stage design, the interpretation of beauty has always been emphasized. When traditional LED screens are difficult to achieve new breakthroughs, transparent screens have brought a new fashion to the stage. The content can be displayed when it is lighted up, and it can be “invisible” when not lighted up. Such a device is perfect for a changing stage. The application of LED transparent screens in digital stage design this year is even more impressive. The dreamy, cool, and varied effect by the high-transparent LED screen where the lighting and the picture are integrated perfectly, creates a colorful and glittery visual feast.

The other two types of transparent screens break through the limitations of hard light bar screens and realize the full application in architectural multimedia and visual display for cultural and creative products.

One is a soft film screen designed for curved surfaces and special-shaped structures, which can be both pasted and hung. It is ultra-thin and light, and it can be optionally cut according to structural dimensions and installed on curved surfaces. It is mainly used in commercial complexes, atriums, sightseeing elevators, and glass fences, as well as in many small spaces enclosed by glass walls where it was impossible to install before. The conceal series of Unilumin can make a sense of technology with which it has the effect of seeing the image but not feeling the screen, making the landmark buildings really more magnificent.



The other is the photoelectric glass transparent screen with the highest technical content mentioned above. It is regarded as a true transparent screen due to the combination of photoelectric technology and glass craftsmanship, which can be widely used in building curtain walls, shop windows, exhibition halls, museums, etc. At present, only a few manufacturers such as Unilumin Joyway can make mass production of such products, with a transparency of 95% and high brightness of over 5000nits (the average value in the industry is 2000-3000nits), such as the crystal series of Unilumin. This kind of product adopts IMD package design, without redundant chip components. The lamp beads are customized in small size, the surface of the screen is cleaner, and the lamp adhesion can be increased by 30%. While achieving a balance between firmness and lightness, 3mm tempered glass can be optionally cut like common glass to meet the needs of more diversified creative buildings and showcases, truly making transparency return to essence.



In a unique form, the transparent screen can bring users an impressive differentiated experience. Combined with software of crowd portrait, software of store sales system, software of interactive game, etc., it can not only enhance the brand image and increase the conversion rate of passenger flow into the store, but also can carry out customized and accurate notification push with big data to increase sales, and ultimately optimize consumer’s experience on shopping and entertainment. These three series of products of “Huan, Yin and Jing Series” displayed at the exhibition by Unilumin Joyway fully broke through the existing boundaries, with a higher brand positioning and a wider range of business.


According to existing cases and business models, it is expected that the market penetration and expansion of transparent screens will achieve good results. In the future, Unilumin will continue to focus on the innovation of display technology, realize the integration of technology, fashion and art, and create more innovative and artistic LED transparent screens for the market.