Discover What Makes Unilumin Smart Display Services All-Scene, All-Weather

You might have heard that Unilumin provides LED display users with reliable services and support on LED display, control, operation, and maintenance, which are often called 24-hour, all-weather and all-scene services. Have you wondered what is behind the comprehensive and responsive services? This article will tell you about Unilumin’s smart display systems and solutions. Read it through and find out how they work!

UCM (Unilumin Control Management System)

What is UCM? 

UCM (Unilumin Control Management System) is a system platform used to realize the unified management and control of LED display control system, environmental control system, man-machine interactive system and big data IoT data business system based on the enterprise service message bus.


What can UCM do for you? 

Users can use UCM to precisely manage LED systems and signal channel resources, automatically switch signal systems and project signals on the wall by pressing one button. Through UCM, users can also realize the unified control of a series of peripheral environmental equipment of LED display systems, including audio equipment, light equipment, air conditioner and lift control, helping them easily complete the control and scheduling of signals and equipment.

UMI (Unilumin Multimedia Intelligent Interactive System)

What is UMI? 

UMI (Unilumin Multimedia Intelligent Interactive System) is a multimedia interactive system used for the interaction of signals and contents between tablet, PC and LED large screen, aiming at quickly realizing scene layout, signal dispatching and plan management.


What can UMI do for you? 

With UMI, users can easily carry out such business as reception & reporting, information release, conference & meeting and policy advocacy in the exhibition hall, report hall, conference room, lobby and other similar places.

Ucare (Unilumin Display System Operation & Maintenance Management Platform Software)

What is Ucare? 

Ucare (Unilumin display system operation & maintenance management platform software) is an application management system used for the real-time operation monitoring and fault management of narrow pixel pitch LED display system, splicing controller system, LED play controller, PLC distribution box and peripheral equipment based on Internet technology.


What can Ucare do for you? 

Users can use Ucare to automatically and remotely detect system status, report early warning information immediately and identify risks in advance, thus guaranteeing the stable operation of the system and improving daily work efficiency.  

Unilumin High Resolution Workstation

What is Unilumin High Resolution Workstation? 

Unilumin high resolution workstation is a professional graphic workstation designed and manufactured for the development and operation of application programs in ultrahigh resolution. With the latest-architecture CPU and display core, this workstation can meet the requirement of monitoring center and command center for presenting massive information in high resolution.


What can it do for you? 

Users can use Unilumin high resolution workstation to present all kinds of business information on large screens in high resolution, provide an excellent display platform for the comprehensive development of all kinds of business, and effectively improve work efficiency.

Unilumin Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Screens 

What are the advantages of Unilumin narrow pixel pitch LED screens? 

After years of technological innovation, Unilumin has produced a rich series of narrow pixel pitch LED screen products and has made breakthroughs in the field of mini LED and ultra NPP LED. In 2019, Unilumin first produced 4K, 8K and higher definition Mini LED products in batches and successfully launched the ultra NPP products - UpanelS (P0.5) series and UMini (P0.9) series.


What can Unilumin narrow pixel pitch LED screens do for you? 

Take Unilumin UMini as an example. With great breakthroughs in display performance and stability, Unilumin UMini products can be widely applied to 4K and 8K ultra-high definition display in industrial design, medical treatment, education, high-end business, intelligent control room, home theater and other application fields.  During the Two Sessions this year, Unilumin UMini products successfully entered the Great Hall of the People and provided a new experience of ultra high definition video interaction for the press release of the Two Sessions. 

Unilumin Industry Visualization Solution

What is Industry Visualization Solution?

Unilumin not only develops and innovates LED display hardware but also makes business expansion deeply into vertical industries. Unilumin makes every effort to create useful and easy-to-use industry visualization solutions with big data acquisition and data analysis technology, ultra-high resolution 5G map, data visualization, and integrated display and control technology on the basis of Unilumin's advanced LED display and control systems.



What can it do for you?

At present, Unilumin has successively developed epidemic visualization, public security visualization, civil air defense visualization, 120 first-aid ambulance visualization, highway visualization and other integrated ultra-high resolution visualization solutions, which are widely used in public security, traffic police, justice, emergency, 120 first-aid ambulance, civil air defense, transportation, radio and television, smart city and other fields. These solutions can help the intelligent display and assist decision-making at multiple levels, e.g. business management, pre-event warning, in-process commanding and dispatching, post-event analysis, research and judgment.

Solution Generator

What is Solution Generator?

Solution Generator is a solution customization tool for quick communication with the user developed by Unilumin based on the business requirements of NPP LED screen and industry visualization.


What can it do for you?

Through the solution generator, users can quickly obtain their customized feasible solutions. It can not only improve communication efficiency but also fully satisfy the requirements, thus creating higher value for users. 

Behind the efficient service of Unilumin's intelligent display, it is Unilumin's constant perseverance in technological innovation and user-oriented service concept. As Unilumin believes, good service has never been achieved overnight. In the future, Unilumin will continue focusing on the innovation of LED display technology, and continuously create value for users and bring more intelligent audio-visual experience for users with more advanced intelligent display products, more perfect solutions and better services of LED display, control, operation, and maintenance.