Unilumin Upanel at the 1st TV Channel

The 1st TV channel was expecting a special guest for its 50th year anniversary-- the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin. With all the important guests and audience attending its 50th year anniversary, the gravity of 1st TV channel project cannot be over emphasized. Designers of 1st TV channel wanted to create two seamless interactive backdrop screens which will display integrated signals com from scattered cameras in studio. There should be no delay or no any kind of mistake during operation. Needless to say, they are expecting a perfect visual effect.

That`s why the designers of 1st TV channel chose Unilumin as LED display provider. 


Unilumin is a leading LED display and solution provider. Over the years, Unilumin has proved its value and gain respect and trust around Russia by successfully completing primarily important projects, such as, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation 2017, Moscow 24 News TV Studio2016, Habar TV channel 2017, Kazan Universiade 2017, Russian Stock Exchange Center 2017. 

For this time, Unilumin continues to meet client`s expectations and created two narrow pixel pitch screens with Upanel1.2mm, 6.10mx3.43m connected directly with control room, and Upanel1.9mm 14.64mx2.058m connected with main video processor integrating signals from scattered cameras. Thanks to Unilumin’s state-of-the-art technology of high gray scale under low brightness, the screens demonstrated amazing image with extended color range. The double back-up system in panels prevented any mistake happening by accident.

The 1st TV channel Unilumin video wall project represents a modern and highly effective means of interacting with audience, presenting information and decorating TV studio. It gives the audience and hosts the best experience.



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