Unilumin Sports — the Official LED Partner of 2018 FAI World Drone Racing Championships


What do we need to learn about the 2018 FAI World Drone Racing Championships?

The First FAI World Drone Racing Championships is one of the most authoritative and professional events officially hosted by FAI in 2018. Also, it is one of the most influential events in the field of racing drones and aviation sports around the world. The big event is to be held in Shenzhen Universiade Center from 1 to 4 November. Shenzhen, a world-famous “capital of drone”, has the solid foundation and broad space for drone development. The organizer of FAI World Drone Racing Championships combines the advanced drone technologies with competitive sports, and during the event hundreds of top drone operators from all over the world will gather to compete in China.

Having overcome the technical difficulties, the organizer manages to connect the flying drone with the large screen to achieve live broadcast of the event on the first perspective of the drone. There is no doubt that the big LED display screen matters a lot in the championships. And it is a great honor for Unilumin Sports to get the chance supporting the world-state drone racing championships. The large LED display screens on the stadium are used to play the live event, the sponsor's advertising videos and the sports show of the opening and closing ceremonies.

Why do they choose Unilumin Sports?

Unilumin Sports, a world-leading LED solution provider in sports, is preferred by many top international sports events with its high quality LED products, customized and diversified LED solutions. Excellent performance in Sochi Winter Olympics, FIFA World Championships, FIFA Russia World Cup and other international events have won wide recognition for Unilumin Sports worldwide. 

Unilumin Sports is always dedicated to delivering all kinds of professional LED turn-key solutions for the live broadcasting, timing and scoring, slow-motion playback of various sports, including basketball, football, cricket, baseball, ice hockey, horse racing, swimming, volleyball, tennis and Esports and so on.

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