Together with Tencent, Unilumin provides an immersive AV solution to the 5th anniversary celebration of Arena Of Valor!

Whether you are a player or not, you must have heard of Glory of Kings. As a phenomenal self-developed IP mobile game, Glory of Kings became the No.1 among the national mobile games by absolute advantage in just five years. In 2020, its daily active users has reached an amazing number of 100 million. At 20 o’clock on November 1st, the fifth-anniversary celebration of Glory of Kings officially started.


With Unilumin’s AV solution, a beautiful and immersive stage was created

As the sole technical support company of the celebration, Unilumin provides a whole set of AV solution and full-process service support for the ceremony. The main screens, floor screens, lifting screens, waterfall screens and other screens, more than 2,100 square meters in total, are integrated perfectly with lighting and sound to successfully create a beautiful and immersive stage. With professional technology and service of visual effect, a high-quality and surprising technological feast is prepared for the fans of Glory of Kings around the world.



The stage design of the celebration is led by Tamlin, one of the top stage designers in the world. In Unilumin’s AV solution, the advanced LED display technology is used to show the perfect presentation of the world view in the IP of Glory of Kings and the dedicate interpretation of the concept of stage design.



The main background of the stage is using a huge LED screen, which surrounded and connected the whole stage at 270 degrees. With the grand and magnificent scenes of the celebration, the focus of stage becomes more impressive, achieving an immersive effect.




On the left is the LED waterfall screen. From the highest point, about 20 meters high, a river-way extends to the center stage. Then to the giant Nüwa statue, and to the drop-shaped small stage in the end. The design of the streamline created the image of the river of life.



Unilumin adopts the solution of traditional and flexible screen, overcoming the installation difficulties such as the complicated structure, the suspended more than 20 meters high ends, and no support structure in the bottom. Unilumin successfully solved many technical problems, including picture mismatch and color inconsistency. Within 15 days, it completed all the work from program design, product organization, transportation and allocation to installation, implementation, commissioning and delivery. During the performance of the celebration, the rich and creative images on the waterfall screen showed the warmth and infinite energy of the river of life.


Both the center stage and the drop-shaped stage are built with LED floor screens. With rich colors and screen images of aesthetic sensibility, the whole performance is full of vitality and energy.



During the celebration, Unilumin’s AV solution, along with the interaction of various creative screens such as the main background LED screen, waterfall screen and floor screen, makes the whole stage beautifully decorated with lighting, audio and other technologies, which not only creates a dreaming performance atmosphere for performers, but also integrates the IP of Glory of Kings more deeply into the performance to provide the audience with an immersive experience.


Numerous celebrities, brilliant performances, the birth of new IP, and the world’s top stage visual effects telling that the 5th anniversary celebration of Glory of Kings is not only a grand ceremony of audio-visual art, but also a grand ceremony of science and technology, showing the direction of the future stage performance and setting a new model for the application of AV technology.


Unilumin is honored to participate in this event. It’s regarded as not only the recognition of Tencent for Unilumin, but also the further verification on Unilumin’s capacities in comprehensive solution of integrated AV solution including providing customized design, product manufacture, project delivery, and service support for major projects.