Next Boom on Narrow Pixel Pitch LED

Fast development of NPP (Narrow Pixel Pitch) LED product has driven the LED industry to grow rapidly since 2015. There are two dominating factors for its popularity: product’s performance improvement by advanced technologies and price adjustment by cost reductions.The former refers to the brightness, color and reliability of the NPP, the latter is the price downgrading from 10% to 20% year by year.


So far, the main applications of NPP are still in the areas of scheduling, commanding, conference, surveillance. However, the application area has been further expanding markets in the commercial. Airports, shopping malls and schools all have started to adopt NPP LED screen to play various types of information thanks to its brightly colored image and high contrast ratio. It’s estimated that there are 200 large airports and 500 medium-sized airports around the world, and the potential market capacity of the global airport display is about 846.3 million dollars. In the part of commercial shopping center, there are at least 5,000 shopping centers in the world with the potential market capacity of 783.61 million dollars. Sum up, the display capacity of airports and commercial malls in the world exceeds 1.57 billion dollars.



There exists an incredibly huge potential market for NPP. How about the development of NPP in the sector? From the industry source, the market penetration rate of NPP is by far 20% in professional applications, and maintaining over 50% annual growth rate in the LED market within three years. Moreover, some innovative operation modes of film, advertisement, sport and entertainment will continue to promote the upward trend of the NPP.




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