How Unilumin Fights for Global Health Amid COVID-19 Situation

With the spread of the epidemic in many areas of the world, mankind is facing a severe test together. As a member of the community of common future, Unilumin has been paying close attention to the overseas epidemic situation and sparing no efforts to dedicate love and warmth to the people of many countries and overseas clients under the shadow of the epidemic.


Faced with the rapid spread of overseas epidemics. Unilumin is in the forefront of supporting overseas anti-epidemic efforts. Unilumin organized the Purchasing Department to contact the manufacturers of epidemic prevention materials in time, strictly examined their qualifications, quickly and massively purchased overseas epidemic prevention and control materials, and made donations to Italy, France, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and other overseas countries in batches.


In April, Unilumin sent 800,000 medical masks, 14,000 pieces of protective clothing, 10 oxygen generators, and 3,000 test reagents, even in the face of that fact that the export policy for epidemic prevention materials had gradually tightened, and that logistics had also stopped receiving epidemic prevention materials in some areas, which had made it more difficult for Unilumin to donate materials. However, through the joint efforts of every department, regardless of the costs, Unilumin delivered the goods finally successfully, catching up with the critical moment of overseas epidemic prevention. Unilumin's support for overseas anti-epidemic efforts has also been highly praised by people from all over the world. People have published pictures and posts on social media to praise Unilumin.


Brotherhood, mutual help

In order to adhering to the strategy of implementing the Unilumin’s epidemic prevention measures synchronously at the company’s global offices, Unilumin has issued three documents to overseas employees to transfer China’s prevention and control experience, guide the local purchase of traditional Chinese medicine, send the domestic effective prevention and control manual to overseas employees, specially set up a communication group to answer questions in real time, and actively provide practical help to overseas employees and their families in all aspects.

Continuing to help and concerning about society

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Unilumin has donated a total of RMB 5 million in donations and epidemic prevention materials to relevant domestic epidemic prevention organizations. Unilumin has also donated advanced equipment such as epidemic visualization LED solutions, smart conferencing LED screen, smart conferencing board and so on to help prevent and control the epidemic.

Until now, the epidemic continues to exist globally, and the lives of people in overseas countries are still at risk. In the future, Unilumin will pay close attention to the overseas epidemic situation and provide strong support for overseas anti-epidemic efforts as always. Unilumin firmly believes that as long as we stand together and support each other, we will surely overcome the epidemic, get out of the predicament and usher in a new dawn.