Bye-bye Rental 3.X, Hello Rental 2.X

“The added-value brought by this pioneering product and its smaller pitch allow us to offer our customers an improved audiovisual experience.”

The golden age for Rental 3.X LED displays has gone, and the Rental 2.X is making a standing start in the Rental LED race.

Want to add more secret sauce in your events? Want your studio shine audience all around the world? Rental LED is the one you are looking for! But when you look around the market and find you are engulfed with the 3.X Rental LED, do you want to be a sheep in that flock? - I can hear a resounding “No”. Come to Unilumin to find the killer Rental LED!

Unilumin 2.X Rental LED Display Generation

When other LED companies were still stagnated in the 3.X Rental LED displays, floundering in the price war, Unilumin was preparing for leading a new trend in Rental LED field. With dedicated effort in research and development, Unilumin stunned the world with its pioneering Upad 2 Rental LED displays in 2012. As the first rental LED display with only 2.85mm pixel pitch, Upad2 hit the headline in LED industry. From 2012-2015, only three years after the product launch, Upad has a remarkable achievement of around 5000 square meters global sales volumes with an average 700% annual growth rate!

Why 2.X

“Since we have always wanted to be at the cutting edge of technology, we are glad to be the first company to work with the products of Unilumin, such as Upad 2.85.”

So what difference can Upad2 bring to our clients?

Better visual experience. Of course you do not want your presentations are smeared in the LED displays, or disappoint your fans in your concert with bad visual effects. What a disaster it will be! Rental 2.X can help you troubleshoot all the problems.

Inject more vitality for your business. When clients are overwhelmed in the mainstream 3.X rental LED providers, the newly-launched 2.X Rental LED displays can give them a new weapon to strike back in the competitive market. It’s estimated that due to the technology and investment threshold, 2.X Rental LED market can hold the lead in the LED market in a short run. With an increasing demand for better products and limited suppliers in the LED market, the comparative advantages brought by 2.X Rental products can provide an inelastic demand, which means that clients can gain more profits in transactions.

Why Unilumin?

You want to know who is the first one that found the Rental 2.X LED Apple? – Unilumin. Do you want to be the first one to have a taste of it? If Yes, come to Unilumin.

We are also very satisfied of our relationship with Unilumin, it is always pleasant to work with the teams.” How about you? Do not hesitate and visit our website to find more.